Rituals and Spiritual Healing

Rituals and Spiritual Healing

Millions of people around the world take comfort and receive spiritual and emotional healing by taking part in rituals. Rituals are an important part of organized religion of all kinds throughout the world. There is comfort in performing rituals that are soothing to the body, mind, and spirit. When you join in a ritual, you realize you are part of an entire universe. You are not alone, you are part of the world and the world is made up of many spiritual beings. You realize the beginning did not start with you and will not stop when you die. You are a part of a much bigger picture and with rituals you get the opportunity to take an active part in your relationship with God or your Higher Power.

Rituals may mark important times in your life. Rituals, such as the wedding ceremony, signal an end to the past and the start of a new beginning. The word ritual makes you think of "old" and many rituals are passed down from generation to generation. Old rituals can be performed for each occasion and new rituals can be started to match the changing circumstances in our life.

The American Indian has many rituals they use for treating different medical issues. There will be a medicine man or woman in the village that will provide healing with rituals passed down through the generations. Many healers linger on spiritual and emotional healing and physical healing is considered second. Healing ceremonies normally will include family members. The family is considered an important part in the healing of an individual. They are also important as a support system for the patient.

American Indian healers stress the patient's power in their healing. Tribes will perform ritualistic dances, chanting, and sprinkling of articles in the fire that aid in healing. Rituals are important to healing in the American Indian tribes. Rituals are important in many other religions throughout the world. Rituals are closely associated with the religion of the tribe. These rituals may be performed regularly or when special circumstances call for them. These symbolic actions may be used to heal physical illnesses or to allow the tribe to draw closer to one another and their God.

Rituals included in spiritual healing may include "laying on of hands," quoting specific Bible verses, and group prayer. Rituals are a part of most spiritual and religious services. Following a familiar routine places the congregation or groups in harmony with one another and with their Higher Power. Rituals can be used for inner cleansing, healing, atonement, and dedication.

Some will experience spiritual and emotional healing by simply taking part in the ritual of their Church experience, by the call to prayers, or going to confession. Simply being quiet and allowing the ritualistic routine to wash over your body can give many a peace and comfort they are unable to find elsewhere. Whatever denomination you are involved in, rituals can bring a spiritual, emotional, and physical healing to you and your body.

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