Reflexology for Colic

Reflexology for Colic

If you have a child that suffers from colic, it is probably safe to say that you are desperate to find an effective treatment. If you are expecting and would simply like to be prepared in case you have an infant that suffers from colic, then these suggestions will help you also. Although doctors usually say there isn't much you can do except bear with it until it passes, I am here to tell you otherwise. There are some easy and effective holistic treatments that do alleviate symptoms. For example, putting a small amount of catnip, chamomile or peppermint in the baby's bottle at the first sign of distress and giving the baby a warm lavender bath, both work well. If you breastfeed, eating a diet rich in fennel (a common household spice) can also help alleviate symptoms rather quickly.

In conjunction with the above recommendations, I would seriously consider reflexology treatment as well. Reflexology is safe for everyone and proven effective. If you are not familiar with reflexology, it is the practice of strategically applying pressure to areas of the feet and hands as they correspond with specific body organs. By stimulating nerves on specific areas of the feet and hands, we can stimulate blood flow, reduce stress and eliminate toxin buildup in the corresponding organs and systems of the body. With this, many forms of sickness and disease can be reversed or at the very least, the symptoms can be effectively treated.

So why should this technique be used on children? The most obvious reason is because it works. However, it is also known that reflexology is so beneficial to children because they have not yet been "programmed" to societies way of handling sickness. When the mind is more receptive and does not contain the boundaries that many adults have, it is understood that the body works more effectively and efficiently.

A study was done with ten colicky babies and their response to reflexology treatment for the alleviation of their symptoms. All of the babies in the study were significantly helped by the treatment. It took between one and six treatments to get the babies crying spells below the norm for a baby with colic. Some babies responded sooner than others, however they all improved with exclusive use of reflexology.

You may be wondering if you will need to learn reflexology yourself or if you will need to pay for professional services. That is a personal matter of preference. If you are not concerned with the cost of getting professional services, more power to you. However, most people simply cannot afford the services on a regular basis. One of the most attractive things about reflexology is that it is simple to learn. Not to say that there isn't a technique that should be followed, because there is. However, of the many forms of massage and healing techniques, reflexology is probably the easiest and fastest form of therapy to learn. Many believe it is part intuitive and part learned skill. For me, it comes quite naturally. There is nothing more powerful than the feeling you get from being able to help your child in such a way.

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