Natural Breath Fresheners - Easy Recipes for Clean, Fresh Breath

Natural Breath Fresheners - Easy Recipes for Clean, Fresh Breath

Did you know that most commercial breath freshening products that you see at your local drugstore contain harsh chemicals and ingredients such as alcohol? While alcohol is certainly a strong ingredient known for its bacteria-fighting power, did you know that it can also potentially backfire on you? This is because commercial breath fresheners are often high in alcohol, and alcohol has a natural drying effect. And guess who just loves a dry mouth? Bacteria and germs, of course. So instead of fighting fire with fire, fight the fire with water. Here are some natural breath fresheners that are relatively easy to find, not terribly expensive to use, and more importantly, gentle and effective in use.

Go the Nature's Way with a Mint and Parsley

Who knew mother nature's bounty could provide so much for us? Mint and parsley are great for keeping the mouth fresh. They are gentle, effective and very inexpensive to use. And with supermarket stocking up on fresh organic herbs like never before in history, it is now easier than ever to keep your mouth fresh the easy way. How should you use these herbs? Keep them handy and chilled in the refrigerator and chew on them after eating a large meal. If you are dining out, make sure that the waiter does not clear away the parsley until you have had a chance to save a sprig for those post-dinner bad breath blues.

Peppermint Oil Goes a Long Way in a Natural Mouthwash

Why submit your gentle tongue and gums to the fury of one of those alcohol-heavy commercial mouthwashes that you find at the drugstore? Instead, prepare your own natural concoction that is just as effective, minus the stinging and pain of commercial mouthwashes and breath fresheners. To make your own peppermint oil, pay a visit to your local health food store where you can purchase natural organic distilled peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is more strong than you probably imagine; a few drops go a very long way. Drop around 2-3 drops into a full glass of water. Mix the glass thoroughly. Swish and gargle with the peppermint mouthwash for a full 30 seconds, a little longer if you can stand it. Make sure not to swallow, as it could possibly irritate our stomach.

Chew on Healthy Snacks In Between Meals or as a Healthy Dessert

After a long meal, your teeth and mouth will thank you if you choose to chew on something crisp and healthy. If you feel like your teeth might need a pick up or a light cleaning and you don't have access to a toothbrush, there are many fruits and vegetables that are known for their natural cleansing action. For a desert that provides an added bad breath-busting component, choose to chew on an apple, a pear, on celery or carrots. These provide a natural cleansing action that simulates the gums and naturally lift plaque from the surface of the teeth.

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