Over the Counter PE Prevention Products

Over the Counter PE Prevention Products

Premature ejaculation has been known to be a serious problem for many a man yet at the same time it is not widely discussed with physicians simply because many a sufferer is embarrassed by what is considered to be an admission of a loss of virility. Even as this is not necessarily correct, there is precious little that changes the mind of a man who fears stigmatization by his sexual dysfunction problem. This, of course, has led to rampant sales of herbal supplements that seek to cure, delay, or prevent PE altogether.

While some prescription drugs are also available - and by and large a better choice - the use of over the counter PE prevention products is not going to slow down any time soon:

* Perhaps the most commonly purchased product is the condom. It has been shown that one and sometimes two condoms, when used at the same time, have a desensitizing effect on the man's penis, thus in effect reducing arousal and lengthening intercourse to the desired amount of time. This is especially useful for those who will ejaculate immediately upon penetration.

* Others will opt for a cream that will temporarily desensitize the penis. This may be one of the many available pain relieving creams that will take away the edge and thus potentially prolong intercourse. The unfortunate side effect that comes into play is the fact that the substance will enter the vagina and there cause the man's partner to lose some of her feeling as well, greatly reducing the woman's opportunity of achieving an orgasm or multiple orgasms herself.

* Benadryl and in some cases also sleep aids that rely on an antihistamine for their effectiveness are often purchased because they directly effect the PC muscle - as well as other muscle groups - and therefore have the potential of decreasing the muscle's pressure on the prostate. The latter will prevent the premature release of seminal fluid. Dosing just right is a bit tricky, since too much of the antihistamine will result in a premature snoozing while too little will not have much of an effect on the PE problem. This is perhaps best something that is achieved through trial and error, and with an understanding partner this may actually become more of a bonding experience than one might think!

* St. John's Wort is thought to have had some success, as is bee pollen. Yet since herbal supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, manufacturers are able to make the most outlandish claims and not be held accountable for their advertisements. It is therefore good to exercise a great deal of caution when opting for herbal supplements. Add to this the fact that some such supplements - although readily available - are known to adversely affect certain medical conditions and also negatively interact with a plethora of prescription medications, they are usually not the best choice.

The latter truly showcases that no matter how embarrassed a man may believe PE to be, the condition is not only more common than he might think, but a method of preventing it may be found much easier with adequate medical advice.

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