Do Herbal PE Supplements Work?

Do Herbal PE Supplements Work?

The short answer is "yes and no". Yes, herbal PE supplements work if you know the cause of your premature ejaculation and then are embarking on a specifically formulated treatment regimen, and no, if you do not know the actual cause and are more or less shooting in the dark and trying a plethora of different supplements in the hopes of finding one or more that will assist you in managing this potentially embarrassing problem.

Understandably, treatment regimens need to be as varied as the consumers needing them, and it is fallacious to assume that one formulation will cure or reduce the incidents of PE for each and every person. For example, premature ejaculation that can be traced back to male menopause would be treated decidedly different from PE that may be caused by a buildup of excessive testosterone. In the same way, if a patient suffers from PE that is accompanied by an inability to achieve and maintain a lasting erection, the treatment will vary greatly from that of a person whose sexual dysfunction is possible caused by blood pressure problems.

It is therefore wise to consult with a physician prior to deciding on any form of treatment, so as to ascertain if a patient is looking at a potential for hormonal imbalances or other physical factors, psychological problems that are aggravating the condition, or perhaps emotional issues that are wreaking havoc with his ability to enjoy a satisfying sex life.

For example, if nervousness is a factor in the equation, then a combination of bee pollen, nacre, avena sativa, and also damiana is considered to be useful. Yet since some combinations may cause a rise in blood pressure, those suffering from blood pressure related ailments will do well to choose a formula that is created specifically for them and will not cause sudden spikes. Herbal supplements containing cinnamon, hawthorn, gardenia, and horny goat weed are thought to work best in this case.

Individuals who experience a soft erection that is not lasting but nonetheless results in premature ejaculation will be wise to recognize that they are in danger of facing other sexual dysfunctions in the future. While herbal supplements containing nettle, horny goat weed, panax ginseng and daminana are known to help, avoid those with yohimbe which has been shown to have adverse effects. When age enters the equation, it is usually wise to choose a combination of herbs that treat not only the reproductive system but the body as a whole. Thus, a supplement containing soybeans, Asian and Siberian ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and bee pollen will be a good start.

Remember that no herbal supplements have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for curing or prevention purposes and thus any and all claims made by manufacturers are pretty much up to them! The buyer must beware at all times and it is the savvy consumer who will request the ingredients list of a variety of herbal supplements and then take it to his physician to take a closer look. She or he may point out some that have a good chance at actually working for the condition while removing others from the list that have the potential to adversely affect existing health conditions or that may negatively interact with medication that is currently being taken.

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