Herbal Remedies for Cystic Fibrosis

Herbal Remedies for Cystic Fibrosis

Patients with cystic fibrosis should eat healthy, exercise, and follow their doctor's instructions. Recommended dietary supplements should be taken, especially if the disease is attacking the digestive organs in their body. Herbal cures can be used but it is important not to drop your prescribed drugs and treatments your doctor recommends.

There are a few herbal remedies that may help offer some relief from symptoms of cystic fibrosis. Herbs are generally available in any health food store in the form of dried extracts, pills, capsules, tablets, and liquid teas or tinctures. Again, only use herbal remedies as an additional treatment and do not use them for a substitute for medications and therapy your doctor recommends.

Herbal remedies that may help thin mucus are thyme, Indian tobacco, anise, hyssop, licorice root, and rosemary. These herbs are found in liquid form and should be mixed in equal parts for each herb. Four to six of these herbs can be combined and 20 to 60 drops of this liquid can be taken two to four times a day.

An herbal remedy that may help stimulate the pancreas could help ease symptoms in the digestive tract. Herbs such as blue flag, dandelion, and fringe tree extracts can be taken in warm water before each meal. You should use between 10 to 15 drops of a liquid comprised of equal parts of each herb.

Acute infections may be helped by combining equal parts of coneflower, goldenseal, thyme, and wild indigo, elecampane combined with 15 drops of cayenne. This herbal concoction should be taken every three to four hours and 20 to 30 drops should be consumed.

Dose for teas is one heaping teaspoon for each cup of water and allowed to steep for ten minutes. If you are using the actual herb root, you should steep them in hot water for 20 minutes.

These herbal remedies should be used as a supplement to medications and physiotherapy prescribed by your doctor. Before taking any herbal medicine or any other homeopathic therapy, consult your doctor to ensure there will not be an adverse reaction to any medications you are taking. People have used herbal remedies for centuries and there is no denying that they may be helpful. The danger is when people rely on natural cures and neglect getting proper care from their doctor.

Alternative medicine and homeopathic cures are used by millions of people around the world and often with good results. Generations of people in the Far East have used herbal remedies and homeopathic cures for thousands of years. There is no denying they have a place in modern medicine if used correctly and with regular medical practices.

If you are a patient with cystic fibrosis or have a child with the disease you should educate yourself. Knowledge is power. There are many developments showing up every year. Keeping up with the news and research about cystic fibrosis may help you improve your quality of life and give you a longer lifespan.

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